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  • Security at conferences ©http://www.istockphoto.com/nl/portfolio/erhui1979

    No security without a plan

    The increased  threat of terrorism in western Europe has brought a global problem to our doorstep. Since ‘Paris and Brussels’, the European meeting industry  can no longer avoid this new reality. […]

  • How to deal with the media

    A journalist calls you for an interview about your conference. Here are nine tips how to get your message across in the best possible way. […]

  • The delegate journey

    It is vital for conferences that they be able to create lasting memories for their delegates. Journey mapping helps organisers consciously encourage these memories. […]

Belgian conference news

Ray Bloom honoured with ICCA Moises Shuster Award

Ray Bloom, Chairman of IMEX Group and meetings industry legend, received ICCA’s highest honour during the Farewell Dinner at the 56th ICCA Congress in Prague, Czech Republic. Announcing the award, ICCA President Nina Freysen-Pretorius said: [...]

Visit.brussels appoints destination ambassadors

At an exclusive gala dinner on January 31, visit.brussels presented 37 destination ambassadors, all partners who, over the past three years, have contributed exponentially to propagating and supporting Brussels as an international meeting destination. In [...]

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Association planner

  • Jeroen Janssens ©Maxim De Clercq

    ‘Satisfied? Me? During a congress? Never!’

    “As a vehicle to gather and distribute information, the congress  has seen better days. There are other, faster  and more efficient ways to test scientific insights, analyses and opinions against each other. But as an opportunity to crystallise an international, professional network, the congress  remains invaluable”, Jeroen Janssens claims. Janssens is a conference manager for the European Resuscitation Council, a European umbrella organisation that focuses on the subject of resuscitation. […]

  • ‘It is about sharing knowledge, and clever shortcuts’

    As the new executive director of IFES, Uta Goretzky faces a few tough challenges. One of them is to make sure that the live communication industry – her patron and paymaster –keeps pace with an ever faster transforming society, its communication tools and its communication habits. […]

According to Vanneste

Multi-city meetings are becoming a game-changing format

There are so many reasons why multi- city meetings could become the next big thing in the meeting industry. It will at least become a new niche market and it may even be disruptive to certain segments of the business. So all of us had better pay some attention to this phenomenon. […]